Monday, October 22, 2007

Quick Update...rain, rain, rain

Yep, that´s about as good of a summary as I can give for the past month...rain, rain, and more rain. I´m not complaining though, expcept for my clothes, drawers, passport, etc. becoming moldy and therefore, my house smelling like mold. I really enjoy the rain, especially since I don´t the infierno is coming in January! We were evacuated to Managua about a week ago for 5 days or so due to the roads being washed out. My road thank goodness is pretty good so I am in no real danger, but other volunteers were unable to return to their sits because their roads and bridges had been completely washed out!

A few weeks ago I had my first big scare. Don´t be alarmed because it wasn´t really a big deal in hindsight, just a good scare. Apparently, one of the women in my town went a little crazy (still not sure of the cause), but gracias a Dios she is receiving medecine to help. So, around 4:00 a.m. I woke up early to make tortillas with the neighbor to take with me to a workshop I was giving in Managua. I heard someone screaming from across the park and when I arrived at my neighbor´s house she told me that the woman was sick and had gone crazy and was on a rampage visiting various neighbor´s houses. I didn´t take it too seriously, until I went to take a shower. When I stepped into my bathroom the woman, who was just a stone´s throw away in the park, thought in her dilusioned state that the gringa was hiding from her. She quickly came over and started banging on the door. In my shy american state I quickly hid my naked, white body as she peered in telling me to bathe her. She then decided to board the airplane that sat next to my bathroom, a.k.a. my wash rock, and because the posts holding it up were beginning to rot, it crashed to the ground. This made her angry, so she grabbed one of the posts and started banging on the side of the bathroom. Not knowing at the time that she was harmless, I began to freak out, crying and screaming for my neighbors. They so graciously called her over to their house where they bribed her with food to get out of their barril of water in which she had placed herself. At that point, I had quickly finished bathing and getting ready to catch the bus to Managua. As I headed for the bus stop, the sick woman saw me again and begain to chase after me, but luckily the bust came in the same instance and I was wisked of to Managua in the nick of time. Needless to say, it was an interesting morning to say the least!

Besides that, there´s the exciting news that we received notice that we have been granted a $500 grant from Disney to help in the construction of our community library. So, that will be keeping me pretty busy until December, and then it´s off to Pennsylvania for 3 weeks!


At 2:46 PM, Blogger Alli said...

Hey! I've been reading your journal since I'll be leaving for Nicaragua in January doing Community Health... where in PA are you from? I'm just south of Harrisburg.


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