Friday, January 19, 2007

January Update

Well, not to much news to tell, but thought I would update everyone just the same. First, a rather disturbing happening. One morning I awoke to find what appeared to be a zit on my leg. Of course, the normal reaction was to pop it being that it has a nice, white squeezable head. Much to my surprise, it wasn´t a zit because when I popped it, our popped a white, fly looking creature. My host family of course wasn´t shocked by this event and simply responded that this is completely normal and that the little boy in the family had one in his head just the other day. Then, they continued to laugh at me as I looked at them in disgust.

Right now, I am in Carazo with my host family...again (just can´t get enough), just kidding, I came back because the muchacha in the family had her baby. So, now I am a second-time proud aunt to a 7 pound little girl.

I am still working on the house. I am learning just how much patience I need here because things in Nicaragua happen at a very slow pace. Supposedly, the bathroom and water are being installed as we speak, which means in retrospect, I should be able to move in on Monday. Vamos a ver! They finally delivered my bed on Wednesday and another volunteer was kind enough to give me an extra matress she had which only cost me the bus far of hauling it of 40 cordobas in comparison to the 2000 I would have had to pay for a new one.

I think that´s it for now. Hopefully, the next time I will be posting pictures of my new house, enticing all of you to make the short trip to Nicaragua to visit.

Thursday, January 04, 2007


Here are a few pics from my stay with my training family. I had such a great time and was very sad to have to leave again. Although I love my new town, it´s always hard to come back at first. But, I was anxious to get back to start working on my new house!

This is the tree that my host brother put up in the living room. It was so beautiful, especially with the whole room filled with lights and a singing Santa that only I understood because it was in English. And I wasn´t about to try to translate ¨Jingle Bells.¨

This is the salto (waterfall) we went to in the river by my training town. It was amazing.

This is my sister, our friend Karla, and my host Dad hanging out in the water. What a great time!