Monday, January 12, 2009

Puerto Cabezas

This is day 3 in Puerto Cabezas, located in the North Atlantic Autonomous Region of Nicaragua´s Atlantic Coast. Before coming I was warned by many of how dangerous the area is because of corruption and drug trafficing, however I´ve really enjoyed my time here so far, with (knock on wood) no mishaps or run-ins with shady drug trafficers so far. I still have about 3 more days to go though. I´ve had the chance in my wanderings around the city, enchanted by the painted, wooden houses on stilts, to talk with many of the locals, especially about the municipal elections that are coming up this Sunday, about a month and a half behind the elections held by the rest of the country. As in most other parts of Nicaragua, the people here are equally warm and welcoming as those I´ve met before. It´s a very diverse city overflowing with Carribean spirit and indigenous peoples. Pretty much everyone here is bi or tri-lingual in Spanish; Mesquito and English. Today as I wandered around the city on an extremely limited budget as funds are getting tight, I happened upon this random house that apparently is a pretty famous bakery, only known to the locals though. So, with my dinner ration of 20 córdobas=$1 I was able to purchase a bag full of coconut bread and Johnny Cakes which I will enjoy with a hot cup of fine Nicaragua instant coffee.

Tomorrow on the 5 a.m. bus I am off to Waspam which is located on the famous Coco River that serves as a natural border between Honduras and Nicaragua. After speaking with some locals from the region living in Puerto Cabezas I have a handful of reccommendations of indigenous communities which lie along the river. I just came upon an article about the region and thought I would share it. Very well written in my opinion. I wish I was so eloquent.


At 9:16 PM, Blogger megat said...

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At 3:22 PM, Blogger Barbara Hall said...


Wow what a 27 month tour!! Awesome job - hope you have a safe trip back to Florida and spend a great weekend with your niece!! Would love to see you - open invite to Virginia - have place for you to stay if you want to come. I am so proud of you -

At 3:24 PM, Blogger Barbara Hall said...

That bread sounds so good!! You'll have to share some of the great recipes you must have come by while moving around. Have several friends from other countries and have loved sampling their foods.

Love - Aunt Barb


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